KEAP Charged

KEAP Charged has invented a new way to generate power.

We are developing the KEAP Engine which converts energy in the form of Ambient HEAT into work or electricity.

Ambient heat is always available so the KEAP Engine will work day or night, inside or out. These engines are really small, built using MEMS technology and are powered by rectified Brownian Motion. With this technology, we will bring to market off-grid power sources and eventually self-charging batteries.

Energy is the most important resource for people to be independent and secure. This engine will provide power in a form that is compatible with existing devices, yet will free those devices from typical infrastructure limitations.

Low-power devices will be able to run continuously without external power sources. Electricity provides opportunities for people to expand beyond their geographical and economic constraints. Isolated villages can have lights, communications, computers, and more if there is no longer a requirement for large-scale power sources.